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The DOT-SSCS Stainless Steel Cable Strap can be used with the DOT-CSCS Cable Strap Cushion Sleeve on applications requiring insulation, protection from high vibration, improved gripping on non-resilient objects, separation between dissimilar metals and added bundle protection.

The DOT-SSCS system offers a labour and material cost saving alternative to cable cleats and is designed to perform in a wide range of harsh environments, including industries such as Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Shipbuilding.


The DOT-CSSCS Coated Stainless Steel Cable Strap is an alternative cleat replacement system which again offers significant cost savings in both labour and material.
Material: 316 Stainless Steel (PPA coated)
Certification: prEN 50368 Short Circuit Test “Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations”.

Technical Data Sheets and Short Circuit Test Data available on request.

DOT-SSCS (Stainless Steel Cable Strap)

  • An alternative to Cable Cleats, designed to perform in harsh industrial environments.
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