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Our Services

We offer wire and cable assemblies are part of our value-added service. Utilised in a various industries and multiple products, we offer a customised service when it comes to assembly services to assist you in every step of the way. Here are a few types of services we offer:

Our wires are stripped with the option Total removal of insulation or kept on with 3mm gap for easy removal and protection. Throughout the whole product cycle, we constantly check for quality control to ensure no damage has occurs.

Wire and cable stripping

Packing cables which are cut to length, insulation stripped to specific dimension and terminals crimped based on customers’ requirements are part of the custom services we offer. Customers can save time and speed up installation processes with our custom services.

Wire and cable kitting services

We offer assembly service for various box sizes and cable assembly procedure to suit any type of requirement. As a cable accessories distributor, we offer our customers cost-effective solution via our economies of scale and wide range of products.

Box build

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